Cargo News 01-2021.

We are pleased to present the latest issue of our CargoNews. Enjoy reading.

The corona crisis still has the global economy fully under control. Our goal is to master the current Challenges, but at the same time to be prepared for future times.

Under the most difficult conditions in Colombia, there is one major project in the renewable energy sector. Four months of the most intensive project work were for the new building modern solar system necessary. Respect, SENATOR Colombia - well done.

The demand for our flights the SENATOR Atlantic Bridge (“SAB“) from Frankfurt to Chicago Rockford is commendable. Here are our responses: In the future, a new one will be built: a HUB at the Airport RFD and a Hub for the Midwest. Construction began last year.

This has been the case since February. Route network of the transatlantic flights extended to Mexico City. We have been running since then three times per week our self-controlled flights from Germany to Mexico and vice versa. This will make the “SAB” success story updated.

The SENATOR INTERNATIONAL Logistics GmbH recently relocated within Hamburg. The new warehouse matches most modern standards. For the first time, wide aisle shelves are coming to Commitment. That means even greater flexibility for our customers. 

Global presence is important to us. Even in currently challenging ones we follow our Growth Strategy and enhance ourselves with two new branches in Europe our network: Welcome Madrid, welcome Lyon!

Keep you and your families healthy.

Yours, Uwe Kirschbaum and Tim-Oliver Kirschbaum
Chairmen and CEOs of SENATOR INTERNATIONAL Spedition GmbH