Infomail April 2018

USA: Trucking, EU review procedure: Organic coated steel products, Air freight: More expensive Export, Hamburg: Adverse traffic conditions

Ladies and Gentlemen,

USA: Trucking

There is a shortage of truck drivers, and not only in Germany. Even in the US, drivers are in short supply. According to reports, there are many factors influencing supply and demand at street level in North America. We're here to keep you up to date.

Consequence: Pre- and on-carriage to the USA by truck will become more expensive. Carrier haulage transports — i.e. transports carried out directly by the shipping company - will see a price increase of around USD 300 – 400 per container. This is a flat-rate which is not affected by the distance. Some companies are no longer offering these services.

Merchant's haulage transports — i.e. transports arranged by the freight forwarder — are also becoming more expensive. In any case, good pre-planning is necessary. And, a fair amount of patience will often be required.

EU review procedure: Organic coated steel products

The European Commission is reviewing anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties currently enforced onimports originating in the People's Republic of China, as set out in the Official Journal L 073 of 15/03/13. The review procedure has been requested in view of the imminent expiry of “EUROFER'S” anti-dumping and countervailing duties. The so-called “Expiry Review” can lead to two results: Either the existing anti-dumping or countervailing duty will be extended for five years, or it will expire. The current duty shall remain enforced until a decision has been reached. A final decision can be expected in June 2019. The following deadlines must be observed to safeguard personal interests and procedural rights:

  • EU importers who have not yet received a questionnaire from the Commission must request a questionnaire from the Commission within 15 days (i.e. by 29/03/18) in writing, preferably by e-mail, stating their name, address and telephone number. The questionnaire must subsequently be submitted to the Commission within 37 days (i.e. by 22/04/18).
  • All other interested parties must report to the Commission themselves within 37 days (i.e. by 22/04/18) and submit their positions in writing. A hearing, where applicable, must be requested by importers, exporters and all other interested parties within 15 days (i.e. by 29/03/18).
  • Considering the substantial number of Community producers and exporters the Commission intends to use a sample for its investigation of dumping or subsidization and injury. Interested parties or companies wishing to be consulted on this matter, or included in a sample, must provide the Commission with all relevant information, in addition to their name, address and telephone number further information with regard to their turnover, activities, legal affiliations, etc. (see also OJ C 096 of 14/03/18), within 15 days of publication in the Official Journal (i.e. by 29/03/18). The questionnaire replies of any parties included in the sample must reach the Commission within 37 days (i.e. by 22/04/18) of being informed of their involvement.

The Commission's contact address is: European Commission, Directorate-General for Trade, Directorate H, Office: CHAR 04/039, B-1049 Brussels.

For the anti-dumping proceedings:

E-mail: TRADE-OCS-INJURY-1(at)

For the anti-subsidy proceeding:

E-mail: TRADE-OCS-INJURY-1(at)

Air freight: More expensive Export

The yearly airline changeover to the summer flight schedule has resulted in price increases. Demand continues to grow, especially on routes to Shanghai and other major cities in China as well as the USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Latin America, Japan, Taiwan, India and the UAE.

Capacity is scarce. Early booking is recommended.

In addition to permanent construction sites such as those on the A7, several bottlenecks will cause delays in the coming weeks.

Hamburg: Adverse traffic conditions

The Elbe tunnel's second tunnel is expected to remain closed until 22/04/2018. The A1 is another of Hamburg's central axes. It is expected that construction works on the surface layer between Kreutz Südost and Süderelbbrücke will be completed by the end of May. The A24 is being prepared for basic maintenance works between Horner Kreisel and the Hamburg-Ost intersection. The A 253 motorway is being redeveloped around Hamburg.

In particular, truck congestion causing disruptions to the entrances and exits around the port is also be expected.

We will continue to keep you informed.