Infomail July 2018

Mexico: Container Trucking, Sea freight: Merger Rumours, Airfreight: Bottlenecks in Frankfurt

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mexico: Container Trucking

The Mexican authorities are tightening guidelines for the transport of tandem containers - i.e. 2 x 20´ and 2 x 40´ FCL. Tandem road transport up to 75 tonsis common in Mexico. One tractor can pull two 40´ trailer chassis.

Carriers must now meet technical requirements to obtain a hologram sticker as proof of approval by the authorities. This sticker must be affixed to the windscreen. On the one hand, around 35% of the existing fleet does not meet the more stringent requirements. On the other hand, the authorities lack sufficient stickers. Schilda sends her greetings.

Currently, individual containers are increasingly being transported. Tandem rides remain an exception. Waiting times and significantly higher costsare a direct result, in addition to unforeseeable demurrage/detention.

Sea freight: Merger Rumours

The sea freight market has undergone considerable changes in recent years. Ever larger conglomerates are emerging to keep pace in global business. Latest headline: CMA CGM places takeover bid with anchor shareholders of Hapag Lloyd.

For the time being, there is a rumor that media outlets such as Reuters and Manager Magazine are already predicting accordingly. It shows the direction: Continued consolidation of large companies.

Airfreight: Bottlenecks in Frankfurt

Ground handlers at Frankfurt/Main Airport slow down import and export processes. Especially the largest provider, Fraport, has fallen behind. The result: delays and additional costs.

Relocation of entire rows of high racks, IT conversion, shortage of personnel, bottlenecks at ramps... Causes: partly home-made, partly due to high cargo volumes, partly due to market conditions.

We will continue to keep you informed.