As a company with operations throughout the world, we feel a special obligation to play an active role in caring for our planet. That’s why, in every community in which we do business, we’re as committed to observing best environmental practices as we are to delivering best-in-class logistics services.  

Our commitment to engaging consistently in environmentally sustainable business operations has been recognized with ISO 14001 certification. To live up to this standard, we pursue continued improvement in our company’s environmental impact, including its carbon footprint.  

In practical terms, this means implementing our industry’s highest standards of environmental protection, workplace safety, and employee health and well-being. We see this as a natural extension of our goal of fulfilling our clients’ and employees’ needs, including their need for a green and sustainable planet now and in the future.  

In Europe, ISO 14001 certification has become a standard for doing business. Coming from that European perspective, we believe we have an obligation to do something for the environment. We’ve even designated employees who are responsible for reducing our use of paper, promoting recycling, and making sure that all our carriers use the latest equipment to minimize CO2 emissions.

“As our operations in Africa, Asia, and North and South America continue to expand, we are implementing these practices around the world,” says founder and chairman Uwe Kirschbaum. “With global operations come global responsibilities to the businesses, people, and communities we serve.”

Our environmental guidelines

  • Reducing the environmental impact by us and our services to an absolute minimum is the central focus of SENATOR INTERNATIONAL's environmental protection activities. We implement the highest environmental safety standards for all our business activities.
  • The continued improvement of the efficiency of business environmental protection strategies is a critical component of the SENATOR INTERNATIONAL business objective.
  • As an employer, we take pride in providing an optimal working environment. We strive to optimize overall working conditions within the framework of environmental management. This is how we gear ourselves towards the highest operational standards of work and health safety.
  • Informing and educating our employees is an important factor in the success of our environmental improvement efforts. Suggestions from the various ranks within the company are given preference in implementation.
  • Open dialogue and cooperation with our business partners form the basis for comprehensive environmental protection.

Our locations worldwide.

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