On this page we summarize all the relevant information and documents for our customers for easy and convenient download. 

Aircraft ULD (PDF)

by courtesy of Lufthansa AG

Certificates (PDF)

 ISO   9001 : 2015 (IQNet)
ISO   9001 : 2015 
ISO 14001 : 2015
ISO 45001 : 2018
ISO/IEC 27001 : 2017-06

ISO   9001 : 2015
ISO 14001 : 2015
ISO 45001 : 2018

ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 9001:2015

SENATOR INTERNATIONAL Freight Forwarding (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
 ISO 9001 : 2015

SENATOR INTERNATIONAL Freight Forwarding (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
 ISO 9001 : 2015

Tracking and quality system
BASC Version 5-2017
Quality, environmental, social, occupational health and safety
Control and Safety Management Policy

Container Specification (PDF)

by courtesy of Hapag Lloyd AG

CTU Code (PDF)

Within the CTU Code, comprehensive information and references on all aspects of loading and securing of cargo in containers and other intermodal transport are provided, taking account of the requirements of all sea and land transport modes. The CTU Code applies to transport operations throughout the entire intermodal transport chain and provides guidance not only to those responsible for packing and securing cargo, but also to those who receive and unpack such units. It also addresses issues such as training and the packing of dangerous goods.

F.A.Q. - Electronic Export Information (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Electronic Export Information (EEI)

General terms and conditions of logistics-services providers (PDF)

These logistics terms and conditions apply to all (supplementary) logistics services not covered by a transportation contract in accordance with section 2.1 of the General German Freight Forwarding Terms and Conditions (ADSp) – if applicable – or a freight, a forwarding or a warehousing contract but that are provided by a service provider in connection with such a transportation contract.

German Freight Forwarders' Standard terms and conditions 2017, ADSp 2017 (PDF)

The German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions 2017 (Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen 2017 – ADSp 2017) are recommended for use as of 1 January 2017 by the Federal Association of German Industry (BDI), the Federal Association of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services (BGA), the Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal (BGL), the Federal Association of Furniture Forwarders and Logistics (AMÖ), the Federal Association of Transport and Logistics in Industry and Trade (BWVL), the Association of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), the Federal Association of German Freight Forwarders and Logistics Operators (DSLV) and the German Retail Federation (HDE).

German Freight Forwarders' Standard terms and conditions 2016, ADSp 2016 (PDF)

The German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions 2016 (Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen 2016 - ADSp 2016) are recommended for use by the German Association for Freight Forwarding and Logistics (Deutscher Speditions- und Logistikverband e. V. – DSLV), as of 1 January 2016.

German Freight Forwarders' Standard terms and conditions 2003, ADSp 2003 (PDF)

Since January 1, 2003, these rules have been recommended for application by the Federal Association of German Industry, the Federal Association of German Wholesale and Foreign Trade, the Federal Association of German Forwarding and Logistics, the Conference of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Federal Association of German Retailers.

Incoterms 2020 (PDF)

Although the incoterms in international business transactions frequently sound similar, as with the clauses used in domestic contracts, they usually have different meanings. That is why it is necessary to understand what terms you are agreeing to before you conclude the contract.

Letter of Authorization for Electronic Export Information (PDF)

EEI - Electronic Export Information - is a U.S. Commerce Department declaration that is required by law and regulations to enable the Bureau of Industry and Security (Commerce), U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Department of State, and other U.S. Government agencies to enforce laws related to the export of goods. It is also used by the U.S. Census Bureau to compile official U.S. export statistics. It was formerly known as SED – Shipper’s Export Declaration.

Manual WebTracker (PDF)

The SENATOR WebTracker is a fully integrated web-based logistics management system, which enables tracking of your shipments.  It provides you with a detailed overview of the status of your shipments as well as extensive options for customizing your tracking.

E-Mail Disclaimer

We operate exclusively in accordance with the Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen 2017 – ADSp 2017 – (German Freight Forwarders' General Terms and Conditions 2017) and – if they do not apply for performing logistics services – with the Logistic-AGB (General Terms and Conditions of Logistics-Services Providers), as of March 2006. Note: In clause 23 the ADSp 2017 deviates from the statutory liability limitation in section 431 German Commercial Code (HGB) by limiting the liability for multimodal transportation with the involvement of sea carriage and an unknown damage location to 2 SDR/kg and, for the rest, the customary liability limitation of 8,33 SDR/kg additionally to Euro 1,25 million per damage claim and EUR 2,5 million per damage event, but not less than 2 SDR/kg.

The information contained in this email is intended solely for the addressee. Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorized. If you are not the intended recipient, any form of disclosure, reproduction, distribution or any action taken or refrained from in reliance on it, is prohibited and may be unlawful. Please notify the sender immediately. The content of this email is not legally binding unless confirmed by letter or facsimilie. If requested, an encoding system to encrypt the transmitted information can be installed. Further technical risks caused by the use of electronic communication are minimized through a careful check of the emails.

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