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Please find attached an overview of the current market situation.


Forwarders worldwide are overrun with inquiries for medical equipment from mostly China like masks, gowns, gloves etc. The German Chamber of Commerce in China has issued a "fraud alert" on their website stating that there was "an increase in fraudulent activity in the procurement of much-needed products in the fight against the COVID-19" and further advised "before working with Chinese suppliers/distributors of medical products, please thoroughly check whether the company really has the products on offer, whether required certificates are available and genuine, and whether the company is creditworthy. ". Most chambers abroad can assist here and offer to do a background check on such companies against a fee.

In the USA UPS has teamed up with hekathcare providers and US government for "Project Airbridge". 25 charter flights (which will equal 14 B747F) will be transporting some 1.5 million kgs of medical equipment within the US.

Thailand has stopped all international pax flights into the country until at least 18 April.


More and more carriers / co-loaders are offering express services on FCL and LCL due to soaring airfreight rates. Idea is that you pay a premium on the ocean freight and the carrier guarantees fastest transportation possible on that route.

The worldwide idled container fleet is expected to hit 3 million TEU soon which is "the worst capacity crisis the industry has ever seen" market intelligence Alphaliner reports. As up to a quarter of the world's population is in lockdown carriers have massively reduced their capacities on nearly all routes with surely some more cancellations to come.


In this field we still have a high demand on China to Europe. Book early. With SENATOR ASIA RAIL BRIDGE you have an ongoing option for your needs.


The transport of respirators and masks is a top-priority right now. Until June 6th there will be 23 own flights of SENATOR INTERNATIONAL, in which the transport of highly needed equipment is also possible. We will keep you updated in all channels about the following developments.


Some 55,000 people left Wuhan by train on one day this week to all parts of China, mostly their home towns, after being locked in the city since January 23. About 100 commercial flights departed from Wuhan airport. The city of Wuhan had a spectacular light show on their skyline to say "Thank you" to all working at the frontline. Although going slowly back to daily life China is still far away from "normal" as those who travel must carry some sort of "COVID-19 negative" certificate with them which is checked along the journey.

In Hong Kong local billionaire Adrian Cheng is planning to distribute 10 million face masks for free using 35 specially built vending machines

The USA has stopped issuing new passports to its residents as it recommends them to not travel internationally. Whoever requires a new passport needs a proof of a "life-or-death emergency in the family" to get one.

In Mexico president Obrador has announced to give loans to "the poor and needy" first before considering companies. This has sparked loud protests from lobby groups speaking for the companies and caused confusion on who is considerd "poor and needy" and who is not.

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