Infomail December 2017 II

Frankfurt: Still backlogged

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The chaos surrounding Europe’s most high-volume hub in Frankfurt is only slowly starting to clear. There are still a few hundred complete cargo units – so-called ULDs (Unit Load Devices) – on the apron. They’re waiting to be processed. Some of them have been waiting for weeks.

The grievances are known. The ground processors are now even giving information to importers that goods are ready for collection. And de facto it turns out: “still hasn’t been placed and uncertain whether the total volume is really there…”

Today’s comment by Erwin Maruhn in the DVZ gets to the heart of it: “The (air cargo) branch is only the best when it comes to assigning blame. Sometimes the buck is passed to the airline, sometimes to the carrier. This year, it often fell on the processor. The latter just doesn’t have enough people who are ready to do this thankless job on the ramps for little money. The acclaimed IT platforms are also not helping there.”

Poor quality on the ground and capacity bottlenecks in the air were rife in the last few weeks. Improvement on the ground at least is only slowly coming into view. Still: the backlog in Frankfurt is gradually subsiding. It isn’t clear how much longer the massive delays will actually last.

Alternatives are available, above all, in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Hahn. Our colleagues in Frankfurt are also using these as a temporary solution. They are currently bringing relief.

We would like to wish all InfoMail readers a restful Christmas.

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