Infomail December 2017

Frankfurt: the hub tuckers you out, Nhava Sheva: Delays, Waltershof: Quicker customs Office, Hamburg: Truck slot bookings

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Frankfurt: the hub tuckers you out

Frankfurt am Main is the number one hub of German industry. Many far away European regions are serviced via FRA. Hardly anything is going smoothly there.

The most recent strike action of groundhandlers has brought the situation to its knees. The strong Christmas sales, the lack of technical staff and the tight capacities were already intense. The strikes exacerbated the situation massively.

Still: The opposing parties were able to come to an agreement. At least the groundhandlers’ strike has ended. The event will however cause bottle necks for some more t ime yet.

Airplanes are taking to the air with no freight or only partially loaded. Imports are clogging the apron area for days. Trucks are being dispatched extremely sluggishly. The backlog is just too heavy. Operations have gotten completely out of hand.

The German industry is severely affected by the disruptions. Associations are involved. The pressure on the participantsis growing. The fact is: Industry suffers. The Frankfurt location suffers.

The freight conditions in the German air cargo flagship are currently simply catastrophic. Only three options exist at this time: Use different airports. Consider rail transport for less time-critical freight, in particular to and from China. Or practice patience.

Nhava Sheva: Delays

This Indian port close to the Mumbai metropolis serves three terminals. A strike at JNPT is currently causing delays. This also affects the other two terminals, GTI and NSICT. Ship arrivals and ship departures are delayed by a few days.

Waltershof: Quicker customs office

“Don’t you have anything positive to report…?“ We hear this a lot these days. Bottle necks, short capacity, delays everywhere. We also have “good news.“

The Waltershof customs office has finally received personnel reinforcement. Around 25% of all customs clearances in Germany are processed here. Processing is back on track. There are hardly any delays.

Hamburg: Truck slot bookings

Booking of fixed times for the unloading and dispatch of containers in all Hamburg terminals has been mandatory since the fourth quarter. The regulations for these procedures have been tightened some more.

This makes life for trucking companies even more complicated. These time windows cannot always be fulfilled due to the congestions around the main axes of the terminals. The following applies in this case: Get back to the end of the line.

Haulage contractors are increasingly refusing to accept liability for delays and to categorically charge for all downtime.

We will continue to keep you informed.