China: Coronavirus effects, Air freight, Sea freight, Rail freight, Land freight

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China: Coronavirus effects

As of Monday, 10.02.20, life was supposed to return to normal on the streets, in factories and in public offices. Supposedly. Officially, nothing is known to the contrary. The situation is unclear. Some factories have already announced the extension of holidays by another week. As was the case last week, officials may recommend a general extension at short notice.

China: Air freight

Most airlines have suspended all flights for February. As things stand today, KLM/Air France does not want to resume flights to and from China until 16.03.20.

China: Sea freight

Ships destined for Australia must not have entered a Chinese port within the previous 14 days.

Otherwise, there has been little from shipping companies so far. But routines have already been broken. Crews cannot be exchanged in China as scheduled. Because there are no flight connections. Scrubber retrofits of ships in Chinese shipyards have been delayed. Because there are no workers in the shipyards. These ships do not return to the intended rotation and route in time. Blank sailings are being expanded. The effects will be even more noticeable in exports. Because ships from Asia will be missing in Europe for the next one or two months. There is already talk of a GRI – General Rate Increase – from 01.03.20. Empty containers remain in the terminal in China and are then missing in Europe.

Even if production starts up again in the near future: It will take time until all routines are running again. Backlogs and delays are expected. At least: The first shipping companies are wanting to temporarily waiver demurrage &detention in China.

China: Rail freight

The first railway companies have stopped all connections until the end of February. The first departures were initially planned for 18/19.02.20  – and were immediately booked out – and further delays by train can also be expected.

China: Land freight 

On the Chinese side, all border crossings are open except for the Torugart/Irkeshtam border crossing to Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz authorities had closed their border crossings with China. Russian customs authorities have resumed most of the land border crossings for goods traffic with China. Except: Pokrovka, Amurzet, Nizhneleninsky. They remain closed. Travellers from China to Hong Kong are being placed in 14-day quarantine. Freight transport is an exception.

At most border crossings to China, imports to combat the coronavirus have top priority for clearance.

We will gladly keep you informed.

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