Infomail September 2017

Air Freight: peak season forecast, Rail China: Terespol/Malaszewicze bottleneck, Trucking: Timely planning, Qingdao: Sea freight of hazardous goods

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Air Freight: peak season forecast

The fast routes are getting cramped. There is already a noticeable shortage of airplane space between Asia and Europe. Previously oppressive overcapacities are also being eliminated on the transatlantic routes. And the demand keeps climbing at the same time. The real peak season is just starting now. Because of the already scarce capacities, it can be anticipated that the supply and demand will continue to drift further apart by the end of the year. Higher rates and booking bottlenecks are emerging.

Rail China: Terespol/Malaszewicze bottleneck

The railroad from and to China is increasingly emerging as the alternative to expensive air freight and the “slow steaming” option of the shipping companies. But the construction site at the Eastern border of Poland is ill-timed. The section from Terespol to Malaszewicze will remain closed from September 10 until September 15, 2017. Rail operators report corresponding delays.

Trucking: Timely planning

“King of the road” – truck driving was once a dream job. That was a long time ago. Today, the lack of drivers is squeezing the scheduling. Regional events such as the closure of the Rhine Valley route between Rastatt and Baden-Baden add to the problem. No matter whether the freight is general cargo, complete loads or a container chassis: Timely planning is indispensible. Short-notice booking becomes a hit or miss proposition.

Qingdao: Sea freight of hazardous goods

Authorities in the Qingdao port are tightening the regulations for processing hazardous goods. IMO classes 1 to 7are no longer being accepted – neither as starting point or destination in Qingdao nor for transshipment via Qingdao. Only classes 8 and 9 are still admissible.

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