SENATOR Asia Rail Bridge: We are following our customer requirements - not the competition

Our product SENATOR Asia Rail Bridge has become a reliable transport solution for many of our customers.

Especially for customers and their time-critical shipments, the intercontinental railway connection between China and Europe with a short transit time of 15 days is playing an increasingly important role.

Due to strong demand and individual customer requirements, we have further developed our product range and adapted it even more to customer needs. The result is more flexible departures and, above all, a much more comprehensive specialist consulting and customer support.

Our motivation is not to stand up against our own competition, but to support our customers with solutions consciously. The transport connections by rail from Asia to Europe or Europe to Asia are closing an important cost and supply gap and therefore transports by rail are the alternative to sea and air freight. "With this strategy, we are creating above all a basis of partnership, which can grow on an equal footing with our customers" says Gerald Mayrhofer, Managing Director of SENATOR INTERNATIONAL.

Depending on arrival time and required freight rate, the SENATOR Asia Rail Bridge offers now for shipments of all types, sizes and urgency levels a range of several connections and their conditions. This also applies to smaller shipments.

In addition to the classical LCL services, as well import as export, our customers benefit from the possibility to combine individual shipments from different suppliers in one container.

In our company the customer decides whether he would like to book the more flexible option with daily departures or the cheaper one with one departure per week.

If you want to learn more, Mr. Hoang is looking forward to your e-mail or call.

Mr. Miquel Pereira De Sousa
Product Manager Asia Railbridge
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