Express. Low volume - Big advantages

Courier, express and parcel services (CEP) deliver small shipments around the globe in a quick and efficient manner. Simplified customs procedures in many countries of destination provide for quicker importation.

The prices of these services are persuasive only upon meeting specific minimum quantity requirements on a weekly and monthly basis. SENATOR INTERNATIONAL offers the solution with SES: You benefit from our special rates due to the bundling effect of CEP services.

We locate the optimal providers in the jungle of call centers and tariff schemes. Our specialists have an overview of which providers can bring your shipment to its destination quickly and on the best possible terms, and we handle the entire process for you: personalized, customized, and price-conscious.

  • Reliable CEP service provider
  • Dedicated contact partners - no call centers
  • Cost-efficiency through a bundling effect
  • Door to door is often faster than classic air freight
  • Customized solutions for overlength loads and pallets
  • Broader spectrum than a CEP service alone - we operate independently

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