ISF 10+2 Filing. First class coverage

Global import and export cargo security initiatives are in place to improve the sharing of information gathered by the trade community with government bodies around the world. With this information, government systems can screen cargo and parties for potential risk and take appropriate actions by refusing the goods or planning for inspection prior to discharging them within their borders.

Senator International is fully equipped and staffed to provide timely and accurate filing of all data required by U.S. Customs and Border protection under the Importer’s Security Filing program – both for 10 + 2 filings as well as 5 + 2 filings. Services available include:

  • Electronic filing of all data elements
  • Electronic query of status at any time
  • Electronic documentation of filing
  • Reporting customized to your needs
  • Tracking and resolution of outstanding issues
  • Provision of the necessary customs bonds
  • Loading of data from electronic files or through manual keying
  • Use of data entry standards to ensure consistency across all filings, even with multiple data entry points
  • Staffed to provide after normal business hours coverage
  • Ability to initiate the ISF by converting a shipment into an ISF
  • Ability to initiate the ISF by converting a shipment into an ISF
  • Complete validation performed before submitting the ISF to CBP reduces errors and re-work

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