Sea/Air. The alternative

Our sea air service offers you a cost-efficient alternative between air freight and ocean freight services, particularly for shipments from Asia to Europe and South America.

Your goods are shipped from Asia by ocean freight to specific transit points that have been established as sea-air hubs offering rapid clearance, devan and transit to their local airport for onward dispatch by air.

You benefit from time savings compared to conventional ocean freight and greater cost efficiency compared to exclusive air freight. The smooth process is ensured by specialists in Asia and at the transit ports. We coordinate the perfectly synchronized, smooth booking and transit processes between all related parties to ensure that your goods reach their destination safely and as scheduled.

  • Regular departures
  • Reliable transit clearance
  • Time savings compared to sea freight
  • Greater cost efficiency compared to air freight
  • Single point of contact
  • Tracking & tracing
  • Specialists available 24/7
  • Optional cargo insurance

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