SENATOR Atlantic Bridge

Since 2016, SENATOR INTERNATIONAL have been operating their own transatlantic freight flight with a B747F-400 which travels from Germany to the USA and back again. The flight departs for Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) five times a week and returns to Frankfurt-Hahn (HNN).

Facts and Figures

  • Direct Flight from HHN into GSP on day 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and vice versa
  • HHN and GSP Control Tower 24/7 h 
  • Dedicated warehouses on both airports 
  • Realtime tracking via GPS-Transponder


  • First regular international freighter to GSP 
  • Three flights a week in roundtrip 
  • Own operational area at GSP 
  • Fast operational times from unloading freighter to load on trucks within appr. 3 hours (compared to other airports which need about 6 hours) 
  • DGR / CAO / Oversized cargo also possible of course 
  • Star-shaped delivery from GSP to suppliers or to other airports – even overnight service when it’s needed 

SENATOR warehouse facility at GSP Airport

Greater GSP-Area

First and last mile solution GSP

  • Reduced lead times with possible same day pick up and delivery (*subject to US Customs Clearance) 
  • All in one concept from Door Germany - to Door Greater Greenville Area 
  • Dedicated team with Import - Export Specialists on site due to Senator own presence on-site (GSP Airport) - reduces flow of Information 

Connections to GSP

    Zone:       Range:                         Major Cities:

     A1           up to 100 miles          Charlotte, NC / Columbia, SC / Augusta, GA

     B1           100 to 200 miles        Atlanta, GA / Chattanooga, TN / Charleston, SC

     C1           200 to 300 miles       Huntsville, AL / Nashville, TN / Lexington, KY

     D1           300 to 400 miles       Jacksonville, FL / Indianapolis, IN / Washington, DC

Greater HHN

Connection to HHN

    Zone:       Range:                 Major Cities:

     A3           up to 100 km          Frankfurt, Bonn, Trier

     B3           100 to 200 km        Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Würzburg

     C3           200 to 300 km       Strasbourg, Brussels, Amsterdam

     D3          300 to 400 km        Nuremberg, Munich, Wolfsburg

     E3           400 to 500 km       Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Dresden

Information Technology

  • Global IT- Solutions 
  • Web based Track & Trace System 
  • Transit time report 
  • Weekly report 
  • Key Performance Indicators / KPI - Reporting 
  • Customized EDI-Exchange 
  • Purchase Order Management Application 
  • Web Tracker function („Live Demo“) 
  • Real Transit Time visibility by GPS 
  • Optimizing Processes, using Synergies 

Your Person in Charge


Terry Holloway
+1 (404) 460 1500 - Ext. 1217

Miriam Beier
+49 (0) 811 54157-105

Daniel Antel
+52 (55) 5786 8320

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