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Infomail September 2017  
…Air Freight: peak season forecast, Rail China: Terespol/Malaszewicze bottleneck, Trucking: Timely planning, Qingdao: Sea freight of hazardous goods  
InfoMail February 2020 III  
… will increase drastically. Carriers call the surcharge PSS (Peak Season Surcharge). We will gladly keep you informed. Your SENATOR…  
…Go-ahead for the Peak Season of rail transportation from and to Asia  
Infomail March 2017  
… per container. Whether this is a General Rate Increase (GRI) or Peak Season Surcharge (PSS): The bottom line is that the shipping companies…  
InfoMail March 2020  
… differently: equipment imbalance fee, general rate increase, peak season surcharge, emergency space surcharge... enormous losses from…  
Infomail November 2017  
… Sir or Madam, Air Freight: tight capacity This time of year peak season is normal for everyone involved in air freight. This time it´s…  
InfoMail July 2019  
… strike makes air freight scarce / Strait of Hormuz: Gulf Risk Surcharge  
Infomail October 2017  
… At some airlines there is no one to pick up the telephone anymore. Peak Season meets rest optimized service providers. Train and truck: Full…  
InfoMail March 2020 II  
… Madam, Emergency plan: Prevention Covid-19 In Germany, the corona peak has not yet been reached. The executive branch, authorities,…  
… on Airfreight Cargo Shipping (also regulates liability) War risk surcharge (WSC) or Security Surcharges (SSC0 War and security surcharges…  
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