Further information regarding the insolvency proceedings of the seventh largest shipping company in the world - the Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd.

Since the opening of insolvency proceedings of the shipping company Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd. on August 31st, 2016 and our latest News from September 8th, 2016 three weeks have passed.

The impact of this insolvency proceeding is for many market participants economically disastrous. The constant uncertainty regarding the vessels sailing still at sea strain the nerves and distress enormously our customers, shippers, producers and employees.

In the meantime the terminal operator in Hamburg “Euro Gate GmbH” was able to unload the highly awaited „Hanjin Harmony" after weeks of odyssey and the uncertainty about her further schedule closed to the German Bay in Hamburg. For more information relating News and latest schedules of affected Hanjin vessels please be so kind to get in touch directly with your contact person of Senator due to constantly changing information. In case you receive no satisfying answers please contact any time directly via e-mail or phone our crisis team "Hanjin" in our corporate headquarter in Hamburg which is available 24 hours:

Gerald Mayrhofer
Managing Director
Phone: +49 40 50028-132
Mobile: +49 172 2706165

Susanne Tank
Trade Manager EMEA/Asia
Phone: +49 40 50028-340
Mobile: +49 172 2709803  

Bjoern Handorn
Trade Manager Ocean Freight Import
Phone: +49 40 50028-455
Mobile: +49 172 4585410  

For three weeks our crisis team checks out as well intensively in close and cooperative collaboration with our lawyers in Germany the legal situations relating to liability issues and transport insurance law issues. There are different constellations due to different transport insurances and various signed transport contracts. In order to give first information and to assist first of all a consideration of the individual case has to be undertaken. Are there any specific questions please get in contact directly with the Managing Director Gerald Mayrhofer; contact details are listed before. Thank you!

Hamburg, September 30th, 2016

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